Best Coffee Beer: Part 4

Best of Series: What is the Best Coffee Beer: Part 4? It seems each year more and more breweries decide to try their hand at pairing arabica beans with beer. Nearly always brewing a porter or stout, brewers blend the natural coffee/chocolate flavors of darker malts with bold roasts, often from their favorite local shops. The… Continue reading Best Coffee Beer: Part 4

Three Floyds Moloko Milk Stout

THREE FLOYDS MOLOKO MILK STOUT REVIEW WHAT IS A MILK STOUT? Milk stout, or “sweet stout”, is a variant of stout with a sweeter finish and thicker, creamy mouth-feel, generally from unfermentable milk sugar. Left Hand Milk Stout may be the best known American variant. One of the first milk stouts I recall tasting was from Willoughby Brewing Company at a beer tasting… Continue reading Three Floyds Moloko Milk Stout